Revshell: print a collection of reverse shells on screen

Revshell: print a collection of reverse shells on screen

Hi today I wanted to share this simple script that I use to print on screen a collection of reverse shells with a given IP address and port.

I developed this tool from other ideas when I was studying for the OSCP exam, (I passed in January, I tried harder YEAH!), as a way to practice my POOR (ahaha, very poor) python skills and I found out is very useful specially when you are trying to get that reverse shell and you need to test different options quick. I ended up adding a Powershell section also, and a PHP one liner, since all this “reverse shells one liner” are the one that I used the most, also is very quick to print if you have it added to your global command (like copied to “/usr/local/bin”). Im open to suggestion and ways to add some other useful reverse shell, so if you have any ideas, contact me! 😀

for more info here’s a link to the project on github and also a video with a demonstration if use:

TL;DR (Spanish): Cree una herramienta para imprimir rever shells en pantalla, revisala en

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